About Us

Madhumita Ramakrishna

Madhumita Ramakrishna is a doctoral student at the University of Queensland – IIT Delhi Academy of Research (UQIDAR). Her research area focuses on creating interventions for teachers that would help them resolve classroom behavioural concerns in senior secondary students (Classes 9-12). T The intervention hopes to assist teachers in managing difficult situations in the classroom and improve relationships between teachers, students, and parents. Madhumita’s research aims to reduce psychological and logistical barriers for teachers seeking help and increase their self-efficacy and independence within the classroom. Improved the mental health of students and teachers remains the end goal.  
Prior to her PhD, Madhumita’s background has been in academics for seven years.


Pallavi Ramanathan

Pallavi Ramanathan is currently pursuing her PhD in psychology from IIT Delhi. Her interests lie in the areas of social identity, the social and cultural context, and refugee studies. Her doctoral work seeks to understand the construction and negotiation of Tibetan refugee identities, where she considers factors such as the social, historical, political, and geographical context to be of critical importance when exploring social identity. She is interested in the construction, negotiation, and contestation of identity (ies) at a group level, looking to understand the cross-section of identity and culture. Her Master’s dissertation (from the University of Delhi) addressed similar concerns in its efforts to understand acculturation and the nature of Tibetan refugee identity. In addition to this, she is also interested in intergroup relations and their influence on identity within various cultural contexts and has presented her work at many platforms.